Tuesday, July 2, 2013

chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, my darling

I just recently watched Heathers... yeah I'm pretty late!  Nonetheless, I loved the dark comedy and Christian Slater is just a total babe.  I wouldn't mind if he bought me a slushie.  His voice sounds so weird, like I'm really conflicted because on one hand I feel like it'll come from a person who can recall complicated math formulas but on the other it's irresistible.

Anyways, I also really liked the 80s fashion, especially Veronica/Winona's outfits.  Her use of accessories, especially stockings and hats, is perfect.

Warning: these pictures may contain spoilers!

And now some of my Heathers-inspired outfits.  Today was super hot, like in the 100s, so I'm all sweaty and red through these layers lol.

Jacket: gift to my sister from my other sister //  Shirt: sister's // Skirt: Dailylook // Necklace: Gift from mom

A few years ago my eldest sister who lives in London gave my second oldest sister this fab plaid jacket.  2nd oldest sister didn't like it and never wore it so I just took it haha!  I wish I had a navy skirt to wear with this but alas, I have yet to find one I really like.  Also, I want to get some brooches!  Because this necklace is so cumbersome lol.  I had to untangle this darn thing from 30 other chains and let me tell you that was not a piece of cake.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters // Jacket: mom's

I had to black out my eyes because I blinked and I look super derp.

Shirt:  Urban Outiftters // Vest: 2nd sister's (Ann Taylor [old] ) // Leggings: Target

I feel like a weird waitress person or performer I really don't know.  Maybe it would've looked better with a bigger vest like Veronica's, or different colored leggings.

Dress: mom's

Maybe this is better?


Cardigan: gift from mama // Skirt: old UO

Again, I wish I had a solid-colored skirt.  I actually have a gray jersey one but I have no idea where it is and I got it when I was in middle school so it's probably super short on me now.

Cardigan: Uniqlo 
I'm doing weird things with my legs.  But hey would you look at my sock tan!!!

So what have I learned from putting everything together?
1) I need more hats, basic skirts and leggings/tights.
3) Brooches are less troublesome than necklaces. 
4) Don't dress up in hot weather and take pictures upstairs.