Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking.

Spring is great except for allergies.

Ye Olden Days

Oh my god I can't even describe how weird today was.  I was called into the counseling office to talk about next year's courses and colleges and future stuff.  Somehow I ended up sobbing in my counselor's office.. probably has to do with lack of sleep and me being on my time of the month.  That and the fact that this week is like pure hell (if hell is a place where there's blooming plants because I have nasty allergies right now).  First, I had an English essay due and a two-day math test .  Tomorrow I have an AP US History test, and on Friday I have a physics quiz.  To cap it all off I'm retaking the SAT on Saturday!!!  So yeah anyways I was crying uncontrollably in front of my counselor, which is the last thing I want to do considering she'll call up my mom.  I stayed in the counseling office for one whole period and kept a person waiting outside forever because she was waiting her turn to see the counselor.  Now I feel guilty about that.  Ugh I hate crying at school and in public places in general.  It's like, we all have to put on a happy facade and pretend everything's okay when really virtually nothing is okay.  Most people are unsatisfied with their lives, at least I think.  Who knows.  Okay bye going to go study.