Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ay Caramba

Finals were last week.  That was probably the worst finals week ever.  I was cramming every night and stressing so much...I had AP US History and Honors Physics on the same day.  UGH.  Cruel, cruel world.

At least they're over... and my grades didn't change that much from the finals which is good I guess.  Wait hold on we're only half-way through the school year.  NOOOOoooooo.

Anyways, here are two half-outfits, as in I could only take the top half of my body.  I really need to get a full-length mirror.  AND again sorry for the ugly yellow lighting (I guess my yellow walls are to blame)!

And the quality is poor.  Urgh my phone!

As mentioned earlier, I was eyeing the collar harnesses.  Thus, I saved some extra cash to splurge on a light gray one!  :)  I originally wanted white, but the owner ran out of white leather so I opted to the next lightest color.

Forever 21 varsity jacket, Grouplove Eyeball T-Shirt, and Gray Collar Harnesss from Etsy

I am so happy.  A week or so ago I ordered this Jeremy Scott rip-off Bart Simpson sweater from Etsy.  At first I saw a rip-off from Romwe, but since it was too pricey for me, I thought I'd wait till it go on sale.  However, it sold out super fast!  I was down in the dumps until I came across the sweater on Etsy.  YES.  It was only $24, but there's a $10 shipping fee because it's from Hong Kong.  However, I know I'd get a lot of use out of it so a credit-card transaction and 10 days later, it's my favorite thing ever!  It's really soft and comfy and as my mom said in a non-complimentary way, "You are so bright!  I can see you a mile away!"

I also got a ton of compliments in school, which is pretty rare, ranging from guys to even a teacher!    

Sweater- Etsy

Friday, January 4, 2013

Holidays and K-Pop

Woops.  Merry (very belated) Christmas and Happy (belated-ish) New Year's!  I'm having a pretty good break, sleeping in till noon and playing Just Dance 4.  I need to start on my homework and should probably study for finals (poop).  I hate these last few days of break, where I have to crack open my books and relearn everything that I've forgotten, especially Pre-Calc and Physics.

I hope to do a post on what I got for Christmas, but in reality I didn't get anything really super exciting.  I received some books, clothes, and gift cards and OH YEAH the shoes I've been lusting for for weeks!  Thanks momma!  :)

New Year's was actually okay.  For the first time of my life, I spent it outside of home and went to a little get-together with some friends, which was pretty fun.

Also, the other day I saw K-Pop band Girls' Generation latest music video, "I Got a Boy", on the Youtube homepage.  I'm not really a fan of K-Pop's sound, but when I watched the video, I couldn't help but notice all of the girls' AMAZING clothes.  I loved almost every one of their pieces (and they had like 10 outfit changes throughout the vid).

Their tights!  Their customized jackets!  Their hats!  Oh my god.  Warning:  some pics are crappy because I took screenshots of their Youtube video so sorry for the blurriness!

Jewel-tipped shoes ahhh!


This is 16-year old Lee Hi, who got 2nd place in a K-pop version of American Idol.  She's gorgeous, and also a talented singer!

And finally, although this is J-Pop, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is just too adorable.  

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