Sunday, December 16, 2012

Spending my last day as a 16 year old as a hermit...

Tomorrow I turn seventeen. 

God, sixteen was so fast.  Hardly anything happened.  I know when I'm older I'll look back on my teenage years and wish to be sixteen again, and curse myself because I didn't live my high school life to the fullest.

Ah... well... I only wish I could live my teenage years to the fullest since I'm basically an anti-social, introverted hermit.  I mean look at me now.  I'm spending my last night as a sixteen-year old doing APUSH homework and writing on a blog, for heaven's sake! #YOLO


  1. This made me laugh, I spent my 16th year being weird and watching Doctor Who :) Hey doing APUSH hw and blogging is pretty fun (if I do say so myself). I'm 17 and I spend my time wanting to be 18 ;) Happy Early Bday!