Wednesday, November 21, 2012

sneaky sneaky sneaky....

So my sister and I were in Urban Outfitters today.  In the shoe section, the store advertised $19 flats!  I was like YES when I saw these babies in that $19 section (and the only had one pair in my size!):

How frickin gorgeous are these shoes??  I'd describe their color as abalone shells or pearls.

When we went up to pay, we asked them to check the price because we weren't sure if this qualified as flats.  They told us the shoes were actually $49.   AHHHH THEN WHY DID YOU PUT THEM THERE?!??!!? Man, I'm so disappointed.  WHY U SO SNEAKY, UO?  But I like them so much, that I may get them anyway if they go on sale.

Also:  look this bag from Etsy matches these shoes!!!!

Something else on my greedy little mind is the harness collar thingies that I see lots of tumblr girls wearing:

Left to Right:  Jessica, Arabelle, Sarah

I better start working some more!

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