Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tunesday | Not Really a Summer Playlist

Here are some songs that just scream SUMMER I LOVE YOU and PLEASE DON'T GO AWAY.  But I don't really consider it a playlist.... more like a compilation of nice songs I like to hear during those hot days.

fun. | "Walking the Dog"
Best Upbeat Summer Tune

Weezer | "Island in the Sun"
Best Song about Paradise

Grouplove | "Close Your Eyes and Count to Ten"
Best Dreamy Song

A B & the Seas | "In the Sunshine"
Best Representation of Summer 

Vampire Weekend | "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa"
Coolest Beat and Percussion

The Lumineers | "Ho Hey"
Best Song About Getting Through Tough Times

twenty one pilots | "Car Radio"
Best Angsty Song that is almost like rap but better

Of Monsters and Men | "Little Talks"
Catchiest Song

MGMT | "Time to Pretend"
Awesome synchronized instrumentals

Imagine Dragons | "It's Time"
Confidence Booster

Mumford & Sons | "I Will Wait"
A Song that will evoke Awws and hopeful feelings

fun. | "Some Nights"
Anthem for those certain nights where stuff doesn't work out

Yeah, two fun. songs.  Hehehe.  Wait I just realized it's my 10th Tunesday.  Yay!


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