Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Yeah... today (as in Wednesday) was my first day of school.  For some reason, I don't feel excited as I usually do at the beginning of school... is it because I'm afraid I'll turn into a grumpy, stressed, junior?

I'm trying hard not to worry so much since it's only the first freakin' day, which is so hard for me since I'm the champion of worrying and anxiety!  Good thing goggling at brilliant outfits is somewhat therapeutic for me.

Here are some of my school outfit inspirations:

PS:  I bought the Madewell denim shirt from the last post.  Yeah I know it was a splurge and I could probably find it elsewhere for a quarter of the price... but I felt like I needed to treat myself for all of this SAT practice and I bought it with my own money. ;) (AKA I'll find any excuse to purchase something that I really really really want.)


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