Monday, July 30, 2012

Update and Stuff

So... yeah here's an update:

Hannah Hooper of Grouplove

My sister and I got presale tickets to Grouplove in October!!! I'm so so so excited.  :)  The only downside is that the concert is on a Monday night... yeah a school night. But COME ON.  It's freaking GROUPLOVE we're talking about!

I finished up my website camp on Friday.  It was just five days, but oh dear lord it started from 9:00 to 5:00.  We stared at the computer screen for at least 7 hours!  I enjoyed the camp very much, but my sister and I were the only girls in our group, and we totally stood out because most of the campers there were 6-13 year old boys haha.  But dang those young uns were smart!  They're making computer games and robots and whatnot.  PLUS, they whipped our ass in Team Fortress 2, which by the way, is one of the most fun computer games I've ever played!  I'm definitely getting a group of friends to play TF2. 

 I'd really really really love to share my website with you guys, but for some stupid reason I stupidly made it my "personal site" that's basically just for my own enjoyment.  I even used fancy roll-over images which turn different colors when you put your mouse over them!  Sigh.  By the way we used Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver.

Also, the whole fam is watching the Olympics.  For some reason, volleyball is really exciting to me!  OH and that opening many things!  The James Bond and Queen bit was hilarious.  I have an older sister who lives in London and since it's her birthday soon, I photoshopped a pic of her with James Bond haha!


Hello new followers :D 


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hardships of a Teenage Girl :: Summer Shouldn't Be Stressful


This week has been exhausting.  Because my parents are worried about my future, they invited my super smart cousin who scored a perfect SAT score to tutor me and my sister every morning.  Actually, I don't mind this so much.  It's probably way better than being stuck in a classroom with one of those strict teachers who don't want their reputation to be tarnished.  Either way, relearning Algebra I and Geometry is kind of hard, and learning SAT vocabulary has taught me to be an assiduous student.  Bleh.  Most words just go into one ear and flow right out the other.  I'm supposed to take the test in October.

In addition to SAT tutoring, I was preparing for my first golf tournament this season (which was today) for the past week.  And boy I majorly sucked.  It was not a pretty sight.  Also, the temperature was around 100 degrees and sweat was pouring down my face.  The round lasted for about six hours... god it was a long day.  My next tournament is less than a week away... yay. 

After the suckish tournament, I went to work.  It was still 90 over degrees, and I was working the range.  Today was a special day because we had to clean out the range mats.  It was pretty gross because it was damp and cool underneath the range mats, so it was a nice environment for bugs and insects to chill out.  I spotted a red spider under one of the mat, and freaked out a teeny bit inside.  Luckily, the guy who was working with me quickly smashed the thing and swept it away.



Then I cleaned up some more mats.  The very last mat, however, scared the shit out of me.  This is what I found underneath:


When I lifted the mat, I was greeted by a dead frog.  It was big and really dark brown, and it was just sitting there.  This thing was so gross.  My picture cannot delineate the level of grossness the thing was emanating.  I screamed "OHMYGOD" at least ten times.  The other guy inspected the frog and declared that it was "fried" because of the hot weather.  He then proceeded to sweep the frog, which was stiff as a rock, and dump it in the little trash can we use. 

In lighter news, today I received my AP Euro Test Score Grade!  I got a 5, which is the highest possible score!  I'm really happy that my hard work paid off.  Also, I get to go to nerdy website design camp in late July.  Woohoooo!!!!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tunesday #9 | GROUPLOVE - Naked Kids

Ever since my older sister gave me GROUPLOVE's album Never Trust a Happy Song for Christmas, I've been in love with their unique sound.  It's kind of hard to pin point their style (Wikipedia says Indie or Alt Rock), but when I listen to their songs, I think of summer, friendship, and pretty much awesomeness in general.  Plus, the only girl in the band, Hannah, has incredible style.

Their catchy single "Tongue Tied" has been really popular lately (my dad even hums to the tune), but one of my favorite songs is "Naked Kids".  There's no music video, but enjoy this lovely song. 


Style Profile :: fun.

Yes.  I do have an obsession with fun.  Yes, I'm trying to work on it.  For now, though, let us observe their super cute, almost preppy hipster-ish style.

Andrew Dost: 
The most quiet man out of the trio.  He is super super talented... a prodigy, you could say.  He is amazing at the piano, and can play a multitude of different instruments (flugelhorn, anyone?). 
I think Andrew is all about cool jackets and layering.... well all of the guys love to layer!  I remember one outfit in which he wore a rusty brown cardigan with a silver pin.  Also, Andrew likes to wear watches!

Jack Antonoff:
He's so amazing at the guitar!  I love his Clark Kent/Rick Morandis/Groucho Marx vibe (as described by Andrew haha).  I adore his glasses, and I love the fact that he's a firm LGBTQ supporter.  The whole band supports gay rights, but I think that Jack is the unofficial spokesman on that topic for the band.

Jack loves his LBTQ t-shirt and I see him wear tank tops frequently.  Also, he wears his "Birdie Forever" sweater a lot, which is designed by his fashion designer sister (and also Nate's girlfriend) Rachel Antonoff!

Nate Ruess:
The band's super cute frontman.  Nate doesn't know how to play an instrument; his only instrument is his beautiful voice!  He's a really good songwriter too.
I feel like Nate's look when he was a part of The Format really contrasts to fun.'s image.  He was a little more care-free and even a bit sloppier in The Format.  Now, Nate is really put-together.  I see him wear a lot of suspenders and cropped pants... and even polos!  His shorter haircut helps too. :)

Nate during The Format:

Nate now:

fun.'s look include:
  • Lots of layering
  • Cool Jackets
  • Denim jackets/shirts
  • Basic T-shirts
  • Plaid
  • Cardigans
  • Suspenders
  • Cropped or rolled up pants
  • Sperry's or Boat shoes
  • Awesome glasses/shades
  • And the occassional tuxedo...