Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tunesday #8 | Miniature Tigers - Cannibal Queen

Miniature Tigers toured with fun. on their East Coast tour, I believe.  Andrew Dost of fun. recommended them on Twitter, so I looked them up Youtube... and wow!  I really love this song.  :)  And the music video is so cute.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Update :: I See the Light

It's been a long time since my last post... sorry!  I've been so wrapped up in different things... here's an update of what's been up lately:

  • I had my first AP test (AP European History) two weeks ago.  I'm SO glad it's over.  While the course was very interesting, it's been hell trying to remember every single detail of Europe!  BUT now my teacher assigned us a research essay about the European Union.  I have to write about Spain.  This essay is worth 2% of our grade, and right now I have an 88.1%... so yeah I should work on that.
  • I got a new watch!  A long time ago, I wrote about coveting some Michael Kors watches.  I got a watch from TARGET(!) for $12 that looks exactly like the brown tortoise shell watch.  The brand is called Merona, and on the website, it sells for $15 for some reason.  I just got mine from the local Target store, so perhaps the prices are different.  Here's the link for the watch on the website.  I know the image looks like poop, but in person it's actually kind of pretty!
Michael Kors watch (left), Merona Watch (right)

  • School is over in two weeks.  I'm going to hate finals. :(
  • My summer plan is a bit all over the place.  I'm hoping to improve my  golf game, work on my Girl Scouts Gold Award, do some sort of SAT prep, work, do AP US History summer homework, do my assignments for the school newspaper (I got in! I'm so excited by the way), watch Brave, watch the Olympics, read A Clockwork Orange, and sleeeeeep.
  • I got Adobe Photoshop some while ago!  I really need to download it soon so I can come up with some snazzy stuff.  I took Digital Design 1 last year in school, and I had a blast.  I might post some of my work in another post.
Here are some random images I've been loving lately:

My dog when she was just 9 weeks old!  She was dubbed "Demon Dog" by her obedience class teacher.

Mark Zuckerberg looks like one of those inbred Spanish monarchs! Ha!

How beautiful are these DIY lace earrings from HonestlyWTF?  This is a summer must!

Easy summer outfit: loose white button up, denim shorts, gold link belt, and strappy shoes!

Again with the summer clothes!  I'd love to try doing this DIY bleached shorts from I Spy Diy.

 How beautiful are these ear cuffs from Mr. Kate?  I want one of these so bad!  I can't decide between the golden nugget ear cuff (top) or the bark ear cuff (bottom).  I wonder if they'll look good with my little-ish elf ears though?

That's all for now, folks!