Sunday, April 1, 2012

fun. concert!!! :: 3/29/12

Two days ago, Thursday, my older sister took me and my other sister to a fun. concert for our birthday present (which was back in December haha)!!!  It was literally the best experience ever.  Their music in general is so brilliant and I can never get tired of it.  I loved the band's energy, and lead singer Nate Ruess is so unbelievably cute!! 

Though it was kind of crowded, I danced so much.  Man, it was so so so fun!  Everyone was having a great time.  I'd bob my head and punch the air and sway to the beat.  I guess that's why I was so sweaty afterwards- eeeeewww.  Dancing + lots of body heat = sweat!  The atmosphere, just being there.... it's hard to explain.  Being there, in that moment, cannot be described!

The venue was awesome too- it was small, so the whole experience was really personal.  AND at the back of the stage, there is a window to stairs in backstage, so you can see the band's feet going up and down the stairs! 

When we walked in, the people were mostly 20 and up.  My sister and I had X's drawn on our hands because we are under 21 and can't drink booze.  That way, if we tried to buy alcohol, they'd see the X's on our hands and deny us the drinks!!!

On my nails I'm wearing Turquoies and Caicos by Essie.

Anyways, the opening band is called Avalanche City.  You may recognize their song Love Love Love which is getting some hype lately.  They were pretty good, but their songs were sounding a little too similar to each other after a while.  However, they were still entertaining.  The lead singer and guitarist, Dave, is from New Zealand!  And the girl is super super good at violin.

Some pics of Avalanche City:

See the kind of doorway frame behind Dave?  That's the window that shows the staircase!

The girl is playing banjo right now, but she is soo good at the violin in the other songs!

After they played their last song, it was time for Fun.!!! HOWEVER,  it took them at least 30-40 minutes to come on stage because the mics weren't working!  When they did come out, through the window we first saw six pairs of feet walking down the stairs.  Everyone started cheering. 
The band got on stage, and poor piano guy (Andrew) kept plinking the beginning notes of "Some Nights Intro" on the piano because Nate's mic wasn't working... haha.  After some number of measures, the mic worked.  YESS.  Then Nate started to sing Some Nights Intro beautifully.  :')
Note:  I only took pics of Nate because there were SO many people and I couldn't possibly get a full pic of the whole band without having a giant black head blocking the shot!

Afterwards, they launched into Some Nights!!!!!
The pics are blurry because Nate kept jumping around and moving hehehehe.

I think they played a few songs off of their new album, and I didn't take pictures.  But I took some when they played "Walking the Dog"!!!  The lights were green and blue just like the music video haha.

Again, they sang more songs, which I didn't take photos of.  Then Nate started cracking some jokes!!

Haha Jack's in the background!  Speaking of Jack, he is AMAZING at guitar!  He had some pretty boss guitar solos.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any vids of that.  :(

Oh my god.  Let me take a moment to rave about Nate's hair!!  It's so thick and dark and amazing.  During the performances, he'd play, twirl, and tug on his hair, and the sections would stick out!  So frickin cute.  :)

Fun. started getting into their old songs too.  The Gambler, Be Calm and other masterpieces.

Towards the end, they sang their most popular song We Are Young.

Their last song was Carry On, I believe.  Tear tear...

They left the stage and we saw them walk up the stairs through the window.  Everyone started chanting "One More Song".  After a minute or two, we saw their shoes walk down the stairs!!!  THEY CAME BACK.  FOR THREE SONGS.

The pic above is my favorite. :)

One of their last songs Fun. played was "One Foot".  The beat is so so so addicting and catchy!  Here's a little video I recorded:

The very very very last song was "Take Your Time" from their first album, Aim and Ignite, which is really appropriate as a final goodbye!
This whole experience was crazy.  I LOVED it so much.  It's been three days, and I'm still obsessing how surreal that night was.  Every morning, the beat of "One Foot" is the very first thing I hear and think in my mind!  If I could, I'd redo the night again every single day!!!  I wonder when Fun. comes back to SF?



  1. i love concerts! the whole look of it and it sounds 10 times better

  2. This is really irrelevant - and the gig sounds amazing - but your nail colour is gorgeous.

    1. Aw thanks! It's my favorite spring nail color. :)