Sunday, April 15, 2012

Decadence :: The 90s

I'm going to cover a great great great time period:  the 90s!  Okay fine, I didn't really experience the youth culture since I was born right in the middle of it!  I've been so excited when I saw that this decade was making a comeback this year.  Minimalism, grunge, and simplicity were the top trends.  My absolute favorite part of the 90s, however, is the children's TV shows!  The best in my opinion were Doug, All That, The Amanda Show, Hey Arnold, and Rugrats.  :)

Another great part of the 90s was the music.  My favorite 90s bands are Weezer, Radiohead, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, and Sublime.

Anyways, back to fashion.  This is my 90s-era toolkit:

Denim Shirts/Jackets/Overalls
Bonus points if they're ripped or bleached!

Three shorts: Urban Outfitters ;  Denim Jacket and Shirt: Levi's ; Overalls:  Tilly's

Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, entered the early 90s in thermals, oversize cardigans, and most importantly, FLANNEL.  Girls, don't be afraid to use your guy's flannel for a cool oversize look.
This isn't Kurt Cobain.

Marc Jacobs Perry Ellis 1993 Spring collection
From left to right: Shopbop, Topshop, Asos, Asos

Aviator sunglasses had been made famous by Freddie Mercury, lead singer of Queen.
Freddie Mercury
From top left, clockwise: Shopbop;Topshop; Forever 21; Urban Outfitters
People would hang their chain wallets from their jeans during this era.  Chain necklaces with crosses were also a fad.  Wear layered chain necklaces together for that effortless rocker look.

Top Row: First three- TopShop; Shopbop; Asos
Bottom Row: All TopShop

Delicate Maxi Skirts
In the mid 90s, you see a revival of the 60s hippie vibe.  Floral maxi skirts, conch shell necklaces, and crochet tops were back!  If you want a cool combination of the early 90s fashion and the mid 90s hippie fad, add a black leather jacket with a floral maxi skirt to add a real edge to pretty florals.

Marc Jacobs Perry Ellis 1993 Spring collection

From left to right: Urban Outfitters (four), Shopbop (two)

Combat Boots
Daria Morgendorff is one of my favorite tv show character ever, even if she only is a cartoon character. Daria is a smart, cynical and sarcastic teenager from the TV show Daria.  I so want to be her!  Her quotes are so amazing and her humor is hilarious.


Ms de Foe: Good work, Daria. Your cube is BURSTING out of the picture plane. You've really created the illusion of depth.
Daria: I'm thinking of going into politics.

Brittany: Hey, even though I'm much more popular, we have some things in common.
Daria: Breathing?

Trent:  Daria, do you ever feel like you are wasting your life?
Daria:  When I'm awake.

Plaid Miniskirts
In the movie Clueless, Cher is the rich preppy girl who'd wear tartan and argyle minis paired with high knee-socks.

Big Sneakers
To modern up these shoes, choose neon ones that pop against your outfit.

Top: Urban Outfitters (three); Asos
Bottom: Topshop (both)



  1. hah yeah hey arnold and the rugrats are great! and the fashion also..

  2. I love the way people used to dress back in the 90's! Especially the maxi skirts!

    Love your blog!


    Nina Charlie