Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Stubborn Teeth :: Part 1

So basically I have the worst teeth ever.  No joke.  If I were to post a picture of my teeth in elementary school, you'd think they were stalagmites or something.  Shudder. 

Here is the memory of the day I got 6 teeth pulled out because of overcrowding.  Mind you, I was in like sixth grade when I wrote this.

March 31, 2008

Ok so today, I went to go to the oral surgeon to get six teeth out.  Four were already grown out but two were actually embedded inside the gum!  I didn't want to go, but it was too late.  My mom  drove me to the beautiful red brick building.  A grassy lawn surrounded the building, and dogs frolicked about.  I nervously entered the office.

First, in the surgery room, they strapped me to the chair (so Iwont get away?!?!) then put that pressure thing that squeezes the arm, you know, like the ones you get when you're in the doctor's.   Then the assistant put a mask with laughing gas so I'll stay "calm".  I had to be sedated for the procedure, so the surgeon guy plunged this needleish shot on my arm.  He said it'll feel like a did, but a very sharp one! I have a bandaid on my right arm to prove it! Anways, I jerked my arm, but luckily he didn't have to poke me again.

I looked up at the ceiling, the mask in my face and strapped to the chair.  I swear I could feel the shot flowing through my veins!  The lights above me started to sway and move.  And I blacked out.

Before I knew it, I heard the surgeon, Dr. Rainero, saying "Adrienne! It's all over!". UGGH!  I touched my cheek.  It was all PUFFY, and that stupid numbing thing was to blame! Furthermore, gauze was firmly stuck in my mouth, preventing my holes which used to be teeth, to bleed! 

I felt woozy and tired. the assistant helped me into this weird room with 2 beds. I saw another victim lying in a cot. The assistant put me in the other bed and said she'll be right back.  After a few minutes, my mom came in.  A wave of relieveness swept upon me. The assistant taught my mom how to fold the gauze and stick it in me. After that "lesson", I was put on a wheelchair and had a little ride to the parking lot.  I got in the car, and was grateful for that experience to be over and soon be in my home.               


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