Friday, March 23, 2012

The Muse :: My Math Teacher

It turns out teachers can teach us more than trigonometry, history, or the Freudian elements in Lord of the Flies.

The Geeky Math Teacher

 My trig teacher, for example, is teaching probability right now (like permutations and combinations.)  He gave us an example of his outfits.  His wife picks out all of his article's of clothing, pants, sweater, shirts, everything!  So she has it worked out that no matter what he picks out, it won't clash!  (As for the math component, he asked how many different outfits could he have if he has brown and blue pants and blah blah blah shirts and so on.)

Now, my teacher is a ~60 year old man who is very funny and a bit nerdy.  But, I realized that with a twist, you could actually imitate his outfits in a cute men-inspired way. 

For example, he wears a lot of plaid print.  On cold days, he'd wear a grey sweater over the print.  Simple sweaters paired with fun printed blouses underneath are key.  Here are lots and lots of plaid/mens-wear inspired outfits:

I hope you don't have a headache.  And if you can't tell by now, I LOVE street style.  :)


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