Sunday, March 25, 2012

Best Websites Ever!

I spend way too much time on the internet...

Oh lord.  This website is the reason why I proscratinate so much!  You sign up, tell the website your interests, then hit the "Stumble" button.  It redirects you to some sort of glorious website that falls under one of your interests category.  So if one of my interests is "Fashion" or something, it'll lead me to an awesome blog I would have never known.  When I hit the Stumble button again, it'll direct me to another website.  If you like the page, then you hit the thumbs up button and it'll save the website for you!!!  I've found philosophy articles, photography tutorials, yummy recipes, photoshop tutorials, and reallllly good music.


You may have seen all of my credits to the fashion and street style pics are related to this blog.  Amazing photographer Phil Oh captures some of the best street outfits all around the globe.  He's got places like New York, Shang Hai, Sydney, Milan, Tokyo.... etc.  I can spend hours just flipping through all of pics!


The about box:  "Rookie is a website for teenage girls. With monthly-themed content, we update three times a day, five days a week, and are happy to offer you millions of bad puns. " 
Forget Seventeen and Teen Vogue.  This online magazine covers basically everything there is to teenage girldom.  The staff is awesome, their music recommendations are spot on, the DIY is fun and original, and the advice columns are actually helpful and address issues that no other teen magazine pays attention to!  Rookie's editor in chief is the always astounding and way mature Tavi Gevinson.


Warning:  cuteness overload!  This website is dedicated to puppies, with gazillions of puppy pics, you can't help but say "Awwww!"


Um, this is pretty much my favorite DIY website ever.  Their stuff is totally professional looking, and are pretty dang easy to do!  Plus, they also post really cool designers, art stuff, and home decor things too.  My favorite DIY tutorials of their's is the gold collar tipsjewelled Miu Miu sneakers, and their wrap bracelets.



This is kind of the best blog ever.  Allie Brosh is so frickin hilarious, and her MS Paint drawings are boss.  They say the craziest people make the best blogs, and this is true with Hyperbole and a Half.  Her real golden posts are from the past years.  Luckily for you, she has conveniently linked them on the right side of her blog, so go check them out right now.  I guarantee ab-hurting, peeing-in-pants laughs, and going through her addicting posts one after another.. 

*I'm not sure if I can put her drawings here because of copyright stuff, so I'll be a chicken and won't.  You guys should check her out anyways because she is funny as hell.


Happy procrastinating!!!


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  1. i love the streetpeeper site! i'm following you!