Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wistful Thinking :: Watches

I've been drooling over these Michael Kors watches for a while now...

After seeing Wendy's Look Book and EatSleepWear rock the tortoise watch, I can't help but lust for it.. maybe I'll save some of my work money for it?  But it comes in a hefty price at almost $200.

Meanwhile, here are some cheaper versions of these three watches by Fossil, and are almost half of the price of the MK ones:

Gahhhh... they're all so beautiful!  But if I'd had to choose a winner, i'd be Michael Kors for the gold one, Fossil for the Rose Gold, and MK for the tortoise (the Fossil's crystals are a bit much for me.. they scream BAM while MK's crystals are more subtle and elegant.)

I must, however, try to keep my ultimate goal in mind while spending spending spending:


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