Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hardships of a Teenage Girl :: Work

I work 2-5 times a week at a local golf course for 1-3 hours.  Actually, it's a private golf course at a retirement home, but whatever.  The old people there are nice anyways. 

Two teens work each day.  One washes and puts away the golf course's carts (electrically charged), puts gas into the old people's carts (gas-powered), vacuums the pro shop, take trash out, clean the spike cleaner, and wash and put away the golf push carts.

Sounds like a lot, but I prefer this position MUCH MORE over the other one.

Let me explain.  The second person handles anything concerning the driving range.  So, he/she drives the "picker".  You know, the vehicle that picks up balls off of the range and is the moving target that the golfers try to hit. 

After picking up a substantial amount of balls, which takes approximately 30 minutes around and around the range, the person deposits the basket of balls into the ball cleaner bucket by bucket.  And let me tell you, this is not glamorous.  The balls are covered in slimy geese poo, mud, dirt, grass, etc.  You must pick out the cracked balls and the oddballs (see what I did there?).  Therefore, you use your bare hands to pick them up one by one and throw it out of the normal bunch. 

After the bucket of balls are thoroughly cleaned (two times through the ball cleaner should be enough), you must heave the bucket and throw it into the ball machine (the machine where people buy the balls).  Then repeat the process until all of the balls from the baskets are cleaned.  Then go back out there on the range and pick up more. 

Worse, on rainy days, the range person must pick up manually via metal chutes, which takes over two hours to do everything. 

One day, while working on range, I got a comment on my attire.  I wore a navy rain jacket, blue rain-proof baggy golf pants, and black rain boots.  An old man commented on my ensemble.  He said that I looked like a "Russian soldier".  I smiled and laughed, but couldn't help but feel a little miffed.  Still, his words do hold some truth.
Here is an accurate comparison of a World War I Russian soldier and my work outfit:

Well, I shouldn't be complaining.  I did apply for this job, kind of knowing what I was getting into.  I am, after all, earning um........ $8.50/hour.  Hey, I do get free balls and free rounds though!


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