Thursday, January 26, 2012


My adventure with chopsticks...

I've always failed at using chopsticks.  And I am Chinese.  Here is my attempt at using them at around age 0-8:

Notice the chopsticks' awkward criss-crossing position.  My pointer finger and thumb would control the top chopstick, and push it up and down while still in the criss-cross relationship with the other stick, which is held stable with the sides of the middle finger. 

And I couldn't pick up fishballs with chopsticks, so I speared them in the ball itself, like marshmallows on a stick.

*Note:  I still do this

And lastly, here is my current way of using chopsticks.  While on my trip to Hong Kong, my aunt noticed my poor technique, tried to correct it, and commanded me to pick up dried beans, which is a lot harder than you think.

The criss-cross position is gone, and the bottom chopstick is held steady with the middle finger, which is in between the two sticks.  My pointer finger and thumb hold the top chopstick and directs it where to go.

I still struggle with chopsticks though!  I think I am still doing it wrong...


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