Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some Cool Stuff

I've been ordering things online like crazy.  It's unhealthy, I know.  But look!  Girl Scout patches!

All from Troopmore

Hey!  Is that the galaxy sweater (with some horrible yellow lighting) I posted about some months ago?  WHY YES IT IS!
As you can see, I'm using my iPhone a lot for pictures!  I guess that solves the problem of stealing my mom's camera.

Galaxy Sweater Review:

On the website, there's only one size available.  Usually for sweaters, I wear a size small for more fitted or medium for a looser look.  This sweater, if I pull it down a little, covers my buttocks.  By the way, I'm a little under 5'9".

I just love the pattern.  The galaxy print is pretty sharp and the colors are awesome.

The fabric is pretty thin.  It's definitely not for super cold weather unless you wear a couple layers under and over.  I expected the sweater to be made out of cotton, but it appears to be made out of some synthetic stuff, I'll update this post when I found out exactly what it's made of.

I ordered this sweater on September 30th.  The site said orders should be received in around 4 weeks after the payment.  Five weeks later, I didn't get anything in the mail so I emailed the guy on November 5th.  The guy said my sweater was shipped just the day before, and apologized for it being late.  He also threw in "a gift" because of the lateness.

I got the package some week or two ago (I think December 4th).  I found out the "gift" was a some sort of scarf with a very faded light blue/green/purple galaxy pattern.  I wouldn't really call it a scarf because it's pretty short, like only a yard and I could only fit it around my neck and let its ends hang like stubs.

Here is the site where I got my sweater:
That's my two cents!

Spending my last day as a 16 year old as a hermit...

Tomorrow I turn seventeen. 

God, sixteen was so fast.  Hardly anything happened.  I know when I'm older I'll look back on my teenage years and wish to be sixteen again, and curse myself because I didn't live my high school life to the fullest.

Ah... well... I only wish I could live my teenage years to the fullest since I'm basically an anti-social, introverted hermit.  I mean look at me now.  I'm spending my last night as a sixteen-year old doing APUSH homework and writing on a blog, for heaven's sake! #YOLO

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ahh TeChNoLoGy

Last night I got an iPhone 5 as an early birthday present. I'm using it right now to write this post.

I have so many feelings right now.

Mostly I feel grateful (thanks Mom and Dad!). But I also feel a little guilty. Do I deserve to have this? Do I really need it?

I'm still trying to get used to this device, because my last phone was a basic LG type of thing. I keep making typos and still am confused on all these settings. I am having fun with Siri, though.

I hope I don't come across as spoiled.... I'm just really overwhelmed with everything and still can't believe my parents got me an iPhone. Wow.

Now some questions for you guys: what are some of your favorite apps? What are the best phone covers?


PS This post probably took me 30 minutes to type out.

PPS the photo is my very first Instagram pic. They are the cookies my mom brought home from a cookie exchange. YES.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

sneaky sneaky sneaky....

So my sister and I were in Urban Outfitters today.  In the shoe section, the store advertised $19 flats!  I was like YES when I saw these babies in that $19 section (and the only had one pair in my size!):

How frickin gorgeous are these shoes??  I'd describe their color as abalone shells or pearls.

When we went up to pay, we asked them to check the price because we weren't sure if this qualified as flats.  They told us the shoes were actually $49.   AHHHH THEN WHY DID YOU PUT THEM THERE?!??!!? Man, I'm so disappointed.  WHY U SO SNEAKY, UO?  But I like them so much, that I may get them anyway if they go on sale.

Also:  look this bag from Etsy matches these shoes!!!!

Something else on my greedy little mind is the harness collar thingies that I see lots of tumblr girls wearing:

Left to Right:  Jessica, Arabelle, Sarah

I better start working some more!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In Other News, CRANES

Okay, here's a little break from all this stupid drama.  For Physics, we're going to make origami and attach them on to mobiles, so I made two cranes for practice.  This may not be a huge deal to a lot of people, but I am the worst at crafts, DIYS, and origami.  Thus, my artistic paper folding is definitely something to celebrate about.  I guess it's easier for me now than it was when I was younger, I mean, the last time I attempted to make origami was when I was 10.

GUYS I'M SO PROUD.  Tomorrow, I think I'll try to make a seahorse or goldfish or something.

And since I was so infatuated with the webcam, I decided to show you guys what I look like:

That's my left eyeball.  Notice its glaze from excessive Rookiemag reading.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

oh my glob

Ahhhh today I got 10,000 views on my blog!  10,000 may not be a whole lot, and most of the views are probably from me, but THANKS YOU GUYS!!  Thanks thanks thanks for reading my blog (even though it's pretty boring and primitive haha).  Hopefully I'll steal my mom's camera and post some outfit posts for the future.  Until then, enjoy some pink frosted sprinkle donuts.  :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hint Hint

These shoes.  Hey Mom, Dad... my birthday is coming up soon... wink wink nudge nudge.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Skeletons in My Closet

Although Halloween is over, I'm still in the mood for skeletons. I mean, look at this sweater (I think I'm going to buy this for myself for a month-and-a-half early birthday present)!   And look at all these awesome ladies rocking the ribcage!

Pretty Tight

As it gets chillier in the Bay Area, tights can slowly creep back into outfits.  Here are my favorite tights and some tights inspiration: