Saturday, September 20, 2014


(This was written back in mid June but I'm just publishing it now lol... hopefully I'll give a college update soon after my midterms!)

Wow.  Hello.  It's been a while.  Sorry.

Things I did since a year ago:
  • entered senior year of high school
  • turned 18
  • got into and will attend UC Berkeley
  • graduated high school a week ago 

My twin and I: "Let's get down to business" 

Crazy, right?  And now it's summer, and now I get to sit back and relax before going to *gulp* COLLEGE.  Although I'm pretty excited, I'm also super anxious and scared.  I have no idea what I want to major in.  I'm going to be separated from my twin, who's going to UCLA, for the first time ever.  The classes are going to be 100x harder.  I have to shower in a co-ed communal bathroom.  

I guess I'm going to be super busy for the next few years as well, so I doubt I might ever update this blog again, which is a little sad.  But hey, I always have this to look back on if I ever want to see how weird I was in my early high school years.  :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, my darling

I just recently watched Heathers... yeah I'm pretty late!  Nonetheless, I loved the dark comedy and Christian Slater is just a total babe.  I wouldn't mind if he bought me a slushie.  His voice sounds so weird, like I'm really conflicted because on one hand I feel like it'll come from a person who can recall complicated math formulas but on the other it's irresistible.

Anyways, I also really liked the 80s fashion, especially Veronica/Winona's outfits.  Her use of accessories, especially stockings and hats, is perfect.

Warning: these pictures may contain spoilers!

And now some of my Heathers-inspired outfits.  Today was super hot, like in the 100s, so I'm all sweaty and red through these layers lol.

Jacket: gift to my sister from my other sister //  Shirt: sister's // Skirt: Dailylook // Necklace: Gift from mom

A few years ago my eldest sister who lives in London gave my second oldest sister this fab plaid jacket.  2nd oldest sister didn't like it and never wore it so I just took it haha!  I wish I had a navy skirt to wear with this but alas, I have yet to find one I really like.  Also, I want to get some brooches!  Because this necklace is so cumbersome lol.  I had to untangle this darn thing from 30 other chains and let me tell you that was not a piece of cake.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters // Jacket: mom's

I had to black out my eyes because I blinked and I look super derp.

Shirt:  Urban Outiftters // Vest: 2nd sister's (Ann Taylor [old] ) // Leggings: Target

I feel like a weird waitress person or performer I really don't know.  Maybe it would've looked better with a bigger vest like Veronica's, or different colored leggings.

Dress: mom's

Maybe this is better?


Cardigan: gift from mama // Skirt: old UO

Again, I wish I had a solid-colored skirt.  I actually have a gray jersey one but I have no idea where it is and I got it when I was in middle school so it's probably super short on me now.

Cardigan: Uniqlo 
I'm doing weird things with my legs.  But hey would you look at my sock tan!!!

So what have I learned from putting everything together?
1) I need more hats, basic skirts and leggings/tights.
3) Brooches are less troublesome than necklaces. 
4) Don't dress up in hot weather and take pictures upstairs.

Monday, June 10, 2013

So the past few months....

Hi.  This post will be an update of what I did the past couple of months (oops sorry) and will be divided into 3 parts.

I.  Let's start with PROM NIGHT!  So I didn't end up with either of those dresses in the last post.  Instead I got this one!

omg it's my face wut

My prom day breakdown (by the way I didn't go with anyone ;) ):

12:30 - Woke up.  What can I say?  I love my sleep.
3:00 - Got ready.  I didn't put much makeup on.  Not only because I don't know how, but also because we were pressed for time.  Fact: I'm always late for things. I'm awful.
5:00 - Arrived at a friend's house to take pictures. Yayyyy.
5:45 - Headed to school to board the buses that shipped us to the venue.  It was a pretty nice place actually.  The theme for our prom was Hollywood, so there was a red carpet at the entrance and parents dressed up as those old photographers with those fedoras snapping pics.  The theme kind of stopped there, since the only other decor was pitiful paper print-outs of movie posters slapped on the walls.

After dinner kids can play poker and blackjack and win candy in the gambling room.  There was also a dance floor complete with a sorrowful DJ.  Despite the horrendous music and the fact that I usually don't dance, that night I stepped up and did my thang.  Looking back, I was probably an embarrassment on the dance floor.  WUTEVS.  At least watching people dance during the slow songs was amusing.  

We got back into the buses at around 10:30 ish.

11:00 - My friends went to Johnny Rockets and chugged milkshakes.
12:00 - Got back home.

Part of my excuse for not posting anything is school.  Besides family, school is my top priority.  There's some weird perfectionist aspect in me that pushes me through work.  The funny thing is, I always procrastinate for things, whether it be tests or projects.  There was this article (I don't remember which one) that said that the reason why certain people procrastinate is that they're afraid of putting something out that's below their own perception of satisfactory.  I think that applies to me.  

Along with regular school, I took some SAT subject tests which were extremely hard.  I'm pretty sure I failed the physics one.  

I'm going to be my school paper's Arts Section Editor next year!  I originally didn't want to continue being on the paper but the editors enticed me with this position.  

Last week I had finals, which I think went okay.  The one I was most worried about was Honors Physics because that class is just so stinking hard.  You can tell how frustrated I am with that subject... which makes sense since I'm taking a cosmology workshop over the summer.  And this brings me to my last part:

Last Friday the 7th was the last day of school, and last day as a junior.  Now I can obnoxiously yell [Insert super low voice here] "SEEENIORRRRSSSSS!!!!" and scare the freshman (just kidding... okay maybe not).

I can't believe I'm going into my last year as a high schooler.  The past three years have flown by so fast.  Unfortunately, my last year won't be a relaxing one.  I'm taking mostly AP classes.  By then I think I'm still working.  And on top of all that I'll be doing fall sports.  *Sigh*  

Anyways.  Summer plans!!!
  • AP homework: I have to do chemistry, comparative government, and English homework.  The only one I can't wait to do is English because we're reading Catch-22, which I heard is a hilarious novel.
  • Work for da $$$
  • Read read read read books.  It's funny how when I was younger I had so much time to read but now it's a struggle to put some time aside during the school year.  I want to read "The Faults in Our Stars" and some Haruki Murakami novels.
  • Watch watch watch movies!
  • Try to start a t-shirt design business with my sister.  I have no idea how to do this, though.  And we need an awesome company name.  Any suggestions?
  • Get out of the house more and ~explore~
  • The aforementioned cosmology (the study of the universe) workshop.  For some reason my physics teacher likes me and invited my twin and I to do it.  I thought the subject was interesting despite my grade in that class haha.
  • GET MY STINKIN BRACES OFF.  Seriously.  My orthodontist said LAST summer that I'll get them off this past winter.  BUT THEY'RE STILL ON MY TEETH.  And then like around February he said that I'll get them off after five more visits.  I think it at least been three or four.
  • POST MORE OFTEN omg omg for realz though.
  • Okay kind of off-topic, but I've been listening to Vampire Weekend's newest album Modern Vampires of the City nonstop.  It's extremely unhealthy.  I've been a fan since middle school when my drum teacher introduced them to me, and I've been hooked ever since.  But unlike those years long ago, I have developed an obsession with lead singer/guitarist Ezra Koenig.  

drooling right now

He is so cute and brilliant and amazing.  Gah.  His twitter is actually the best thing ever.  I actually have a tumblr devoted to Vampire Weekend alone.  Ngh.

Okay... I think that's it it for now???  BYE!

Friday, April 5, 2013


Junior Prom is on 4/20 this year.  How appropriate.  I really wonder how the Parent's Club or principal or whoever comes up with these dates.

I do plan to go to prom this year.  This is a one in a lifetime experience!  All the movies and TV shows paint it so beautifully, so how could I miss out?  For my whole life, I've always told myself that dates aren't necessary. I can go alone, who cares?  I DON'T NEED NO MAN TO MAKE ME HAPPY.

But then as days and days progressed, when guys kept asking girls out to prom in the cutest ways* ever, I began to panic.  I started to see myself in a new light.  I kept asking myself, "What's wrong with me?  Why doesn't anyone want to ask me?"  Panicked, I scoured myself, looking for possible reasons.  Oh it's definitely my teeth.  They're so crooked and scary.  No wait my complexion is really bad, I'm always red.  Hold on it has to be my greasy, unkempt hair.  I'M JUST TOO UGLY FOR ANYONE TO ASK ME!!!!

I get so hard on myself, beating me up for my physical attributes.  I wonder if any guy, beyond prom, beyond high school, would actually be attracted to me.  I feel so left out, as I watch my friends get asked to prom one by one.  Heck, my one friend got asked to prom by two different guys (but ended up asking another one to prom herself!)  I'm still trapped in this notion that I HAVE to go with a date, that I NEED to pin a fancy boutonniere on a boy's suit.  I NEED to take glamorous photos with my date, and then post them on Facebook.

Now I feel a little bit better.  I've kind of accepted the fact that you don't need a date to have fun in prom.  Still though, that stupid, self-conscious voice is still in my head, wondering if any boys sort of notice me.  (Hey and there's plenty of time left *cough* a week * cough* to get asked.)

I did consider the option of asking a guy to prom myself.  However, all of the guys I would've wanted to ask, including my guy friends, already asked girls to go.

Which brings me to my next point.  Sometimes these girls have a different boy in mind.  But since the boys stick their necks out and ask sweetly and adorably, the girls would look like monsters if they'd said no.  Thus, the girl would have to sacrifice her own prom dream.  If she said no, the poor boy would almost look like a fool and become self-conscious himself.  So to me, a lot of people are unsatisfied because they didn't end up with the person they originally had in mind.  But that's coming from me, a bitter and dateless seventeen-year old girl.

Let's get away from this depressing stuff and move on to something more important.  DRESSES!!!

The girls at my school made a Facebook group so there wouldn't be any dress coincidences.  I still haven't picked out a dress yet.  I'm kind of screwed.  However, I did make my own Google Doc for potential dresses.  My two rules are: not strapless and must be under $80.

If anything I'd go with this one from Topshop, but holy shit this is so expensive!  ;_;

I kind of like this tie-dye alien-ish UNIF one, but the price still keeps me from getting it.

Realistically, I'm probably going to order this one

 Let me know what you think!  As you can see, I like the look of sleeveless dresses with high collars.  I'm still keeping an eye out for the one. And send me some dresses you think I'd like!

*aka composing an original song and getting band kids to play it while serenading the girl; getting cupcakes that say Prom?; scavenger hunts... etc